Nobody sees Los Angeles the way Dov Charney does. It is without question that he has had as profound an effect on the city as it has had on him. Charney is recognized as a pioneer in the Eastward development of Los Angeles, having built factories and stores in places others chose to avoid.

As one of the largest employers in the city, his Los Angeles based apparel manufacturing methods have firmly established him as one of the most forward-thinking industrialists of his generation, equally known for being one of the most outspoken labor and immigrant’s rights advocates in the country. Whether through his efforts to provide Los Angeles based workers with living wage jobs or his massive-scale global photographic fashion campaign of the last two decades, Charney is recognized as a man who is committed to having an effect on, as well as challenging, reinventing and shaping contemporary culture.

The photographs on this site, shot primarily over the last 12 months, are part of an ongoing photographic body of work entitled, “That’s Los Angeles,” which documents the often ignored architectural, signage, facades and street scenes that adorn Los Angeles— sometimes only temporarily.

After arriving in Los Angeles for a long July 4th weekend visit in 1997, Charney has always been positively and unceasingly distracted by its very specific vernacular. It’s often very difficult for Charney to get from one place to another because he finds himself repeatedly stopping his car to capture the creativity, humor, and resilience inscribed on the built landscape.

Charney believes that these facades, composed by creative individuals trying to make their mark on the commercial landscape of Los Angeles, are all too fleeting. With this project, he hopes to bring out their quality as alternative monuments.

For Charney, these monuments live in the shadow of what institutional, financial and conventional forces would ordinarily have us overlook.

Growing up in Montreal in a family of architects and artists, Charney always found himself to be sensitive to the urban street experience. In his eyes, the vernacular treasures are often the most delicate and precious, always threatened by real estate development, bad taste or bad business luck. He has been photographing street scenes since his early childhood, and many, if not most, of the things he has photographed no longer exist.

Charney will be launching a new business in the near future. The sprit of the business will be based on his personal connection to Los Angeles, its people and its future.

Los Angeles, for Charney, is where art, commerce, manufacturing and craftsmanship come together in a unique way unlike anywhere else in the world.

Dov Charney asks for you to please enjoy these photos and thanks you for visiting this site.