Dov Charney is one of the most forward-thinking industrialists and entrepreneurs of his generation. He’s committed much of his last 20 years to challenging conventional cultural ideologies, has fought vigorously for immigrant and worker’s rights, and has been recognized as a pioneer in the Eastward development of Los Angeles vis a vis his countless manufacturing projects.

For Charney, Los Angeles is an incubator for the confluence of art, commerce, manufacturing, and craftsmanship. He has always been enamored by the infectious tone of the cityscape. Oftentimes he finds himself distracted by scenes while in transit, and stops his car to capture the creativity, humor, and resilience in front of him.

Since arriving in Los Angeles in 1997, Charney has observed the metamorphosis of the city over two decades, and is sensitive to the financialization of some of the city's historic neighborhoods and community assets. He has been photographing street scenes since his early childhood, and many of the interesting subjects he has captured have been affected by bad taste or bad business luck.

The photographs featured here are part of an ongoing body of work entitled, “That’s Los Angeles,” which documents the often overlooked themes of the Los Angeles landscape - subjects such as architecture, signage, storefront facades, and street scenes.

Charney believes that Los Angeles has become a place of global intrigue, and that these subjects, composed by artistic individuals, are an apt reflection of the city's unique commercial culture. With this project, he hopes to capture mementos of Los Angeles throughout its transformation and creative renaissance.

Dov thanks you for visiting this site.